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With short term loans becoming so hard to get nowadays, the majority of persons may breathe a sigh of relief. Blue Copper Capital Corporation smooths the procedure and makes much more alternatives obtainable for people in search of loans.

Blue Copper Capital Corporation has managed to noticeably simplify the entire process which one must perform in order to apply for a financial loan. This technique is effective, as it has many positive effects on the customers. Dave Chen, director of Blue Copper Capital Corporation, provides the mystery behind this accomplishment, saying that, “We shifted our focus and catered to the needs of various clients and worked to please them rather than choosing to create services which accommodate mostly to the requirements of a bank first.”

Company Loan Objectives

This specific job has certain complicated objectives, like Chen states that not only one time he and his colleagues selected to go and help a client instead of having him visit the head office. This entailed that many times, they would be either within a coffee shop or at their client’s house. Trusting this to be one of the attributes which help solidify the relationship with their consumers, Chen says that “We bring the loan procedure to the customer.”

Chen claims this type of strategy is important to Blue Copper Capital, as a lot of borrowers have signed up with them. In addition, in just a few years, the loans given by the company have tripled and also the same happened with the service listing supplied.

Fair Lenders in Calgary Alberta

Unique Lending Approach

Chen confirms that his approach has attracted growing numbers of borrowers to Blue Copper Capital, practically tripling the financial loans his company services in the last few years. Chen emphasizes that “Lots of clients needed only about a thousand dollars. Many lenders and banks would rather decide on overlooking their requirements. These organizations have only served to successfully erect an unreal barrier which appears between the wants of actual persons who are struggling to find cash and the capital that can help to transform their lives. At Blue Copper Capital, our approach is made to suit each individual’s specific demands and our rates are identical to those of credit cards. ”

“Often time, the past history of an individual’s credit gets the major problem which they cannot get across. Because of the various standards applied by many lenders, there is absolutely no room to take into consideration each account as a personal case. Recovering the credit condition when one is overcame because of the situation is an extremely tough job for that person. Here at Blue Copper Capital, we open doors that have been closed for them and give them options that have been out of their reach for some time now.”

Following the Rules

Alberta’s Fair Trading Act is strictly followed by Blue Copper Capital. Working like an economically different business, Blue Copper Capital has grown since the company started out in 2009 and it has within three years, managed to service a total of 1,490 loans within 2012. Here is a link to the Canadian consumer tip sheet for financial information.

Certainly, the market provides diverse alternatives, but clients that worked with us once tend to return. That degree of client loyalty proves to us that we’ve turned out to be a Vernon  payday loans source.” Chen says.

Blue Copper Capital is expert in supplying a number of loans that include debt consolidation, pay day loans, leisure loans, personal loans, car loans, apprentice loans and trade loans as well. Although the ordinary loan is actually $5.000, customers have loaned smaller sums such as $100 or bigger ones, nearly $30,000. Chen is able to support his clients by using a “Hand Up” approach. “Bad or poor credit mustn’t be accountable for hindering an individual who has a reliable residence along with a job which is very good.”

About Blue Copper Capital

Created in Alberta in 2006, Blue Copper Capital Corporation started off by providing minor loans to friends and also associates. These days, individuals that reside in Calgary, Edmonton, Vernon and Vancouver may ask for support using this business, which started small, but after continuous efforts