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Vancouver will amaze you with its breathtaking views and diverse culture. It is the third most populous city in Canada, after Toronto and Montreal. Take in the mountain and ocean views, do some whale watching, visit the Art Gallery or go back in time to pan for gold. You can do all this and more in this stunning city.

  1. Gastown: Named after the first settler, “Gassy Jack,” this area is covered with cobbled streets, courtyards and Victorian architecture. Visit the many merchants and vendors who offer native art, souvenirs and antiques.
  2. Stanley Park: Over 1000 acres of woodlands, wildlife, lakes, beaches and trails. This is a true paradise, and you won’t even realize that you’re in the middle of the city.
  3. Robson Street: This has been a favourite location shoot for many feature films. Sidewalk cafes, restaurants, book stores and coffee shops await you here.
  4. Vancouver Art Gallery: One of North America’s premier art galleries, there are many family friendly activities.
  5. Fraser Canyon: Go back in the days of the gold rush, and find out what it was like to pan for gold. Take a cable car over the Fraser River and see one of British Columbia’s most breathtaking views.
  6. Burnaby Village Museum and Carousel: Go back in time and chat with a blacksmith, or the general store’s clerk.
  7. Science World: A whole new experience awaits you; fun for the whole family, try the many hands-on experiments as you learn about the world of science.
  8. Whale Watching: Perfect for the nature lover, these guided day trips will let you catch a glimpse of these amazing animals.
  9. Vancouver Lookout: Get an impressive view of Vancouver, the North Shore Mountains and even Vancouver Island from the 360-degree view. From fifty stories up, you’ll get a guided tour around the deck from knowledgeable staff. A great view day or night.

Depending on how long your stay is in Vancouver, try and include as many of the above activities in your itinerary. Not only will you have a trip you won’t soon forget; you will want to make Vancouver a regular vacation spot. No matter what season you go, there is always something exciting to do: water-skiing, snow-skiing, hiking, kayaking, the list is endless. Check with your travel agent to see if any of the above activities can be included as part of a package. Last but not least, make sure you take the proper precautions to be safe on your trip with your friends and family.

Some of the best hiking trails and downhill mountain biking can be found on Vancouver’s North Shore. Here is a map set up by a local service company. Click on this link to view the map.


landscape-design-300x224The term “natural landscaping” can include various definitions. In this article I’ll be referring to “natural” in the sense of an un-winded design verses a formal style landscape. Natural landscapes can be incorporated on every property, however you ought to initially consider the architecture of your home and the naturally existing environments to make sure a natural style landscape will contribute. Material choice plays a large part in producing a natural landscape. You’ll normally find indigenous products being executed in different applications throughout the design.

A natural landscape needs to be one that’s simplistic in blending colors, shapes and patterns. When developing a less official landscape, we tend to use more natural shape for patio’s, walkways and bed lines. Within the growing bed, mass plantings of perennials or bushes will certainly produce a basic yet aesthetically striking impact.

Certain Garden Types

Meadow style is one that first comes to mind and contributes to mass plantings and a great deal of repeating. You will typically discover native ornamental grasses and wildflowers at the heart of the design.

Home yards are also considered to be a natural design of landscape and in this design you will typically see less mass plantings of one certain plant and use more specimen-type plants. Cottage yards also include meandering paths generally made from natural stone or pavers and are used to connect outdoor rooms and yards.

Woodland gardens are another terrific example of a natural style landscape and include shade loving plants in a mix of mass’s and samplings. Woodland yards can likewise be based around native choices of plants, which will supply constant seasonal interest. When developing a woodland yard envision exactly what you would see in a forest and obtain its design.

Design of Architecture

Homeowner should identify whether or not their surroundings and design of architecture work with a natural landscape. If your style is natural however your houses architecture is not, you can still designate a location for a natural yard. Do not hesitate to mix a little bit of natural with formal; when succeeded the overall look is unique and one of a kind. An example of blending natural with formal is using an upright/columnar ornamental yard which is natural however yet the upright form is considered to be official. With natural landscaping along with any style of landscaping the objective is to produce a connection in between the home, naturally existing elements and the landscape design.

Material options for a natural landscape are normally indigenous, but there are exceptions to the policy. For the most part natural style and native plants go hand in hand but it’s crucial to integrate some sampling plants that could or might not be native. Duplicating plant product and planting in masses produces a unity considered the landscape and is visually striking. It’s essential to utilize a mixture of sizes when very first setting up plants to achieve some instant effect. Likewise, remember the modification of periods and incorporate plants that will offer something distinct such as flowers, berries and fall color.

How to Lay Out Gravel Landscaping

The hard scape material be used can likewise be native. In Minnesota, you will usually find field stone, Virginia slate, trap rock and limestone. Using wood that is native to the area such as Ironwood for decks or pergolas is an excellent method to make a connection to nature.

In order to create an ageless, beautiful landscape a strategy is an essential part of the procedure. Let our design group at Pine to Prairie help you in developing a landscape that fits your style – call us today!